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Hertz Car Hire

Hertz Rentals From Just £29/Day


Why Choose Hertz Car Rental UK?


The Hertz Corporation is one of the largest car rental companies worldwide, and the Hertz brand is one of the most recognized in the world. Hertz car hire has over 90 years’ experience in car and van rental.


The go-to for car hire wherever you are in the world

You can enjoy a Hertz rental car anywhere in the world, whether you are seeking a holiday rental in Portugal or a long-term vehicle to get you from A to B back home in the UK.

With Hertz you can select from a multitude of car makes and models, from reliable Renault, Audi, and Vauxhall cars to breath-taking supercars: cue Porsche, Aston Martin and Bentley.

At the lower end of the scale Hertz has a vast selection of family cars that seat up to 7 people, so whether you need a short-term rental for the school run or a compact car to travel to and from work while yours is in the garage, Hertz has you covered.

Convenient collection and drop-off
Hertz car hire operates throughout the world, including the UK, Europe, and USA. Better still, to support its reputation as a leading service for holiday car rentals, Hertz has pick-up and drop-off points at most major international airports, including London Heathrow, Gatwick, and City airports.


Daily car hire

The most popular type of Hertz rental is daily car hire. With this service you can select from the majority of Hertz’s fleet and pay per 24-hour period for as long as you need the car.

Price guarantee
One of the benefits of Hertz is that the company operates a Best Rate Guarantee, which means is you find a lower price on another website for the same Hertz car and rental period, the company will match it and will even take a further 10% off*, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal.

Easy pick-up
Hertz has more than 9,700 locations around the world, so you can rest assured that wherever you are, a reliable motor is just a click away with same-day or next-day delivery available.

*Terms & Conditions apply


Long-term car hire

In addition to its daily car rental offering, Hertz provide long-term car hire – by which we mean car hire for periods of 28 days or more.

Why long-term?
A long-term Hertz rental car is ideal if you are without a vehicle and are not looking to buy new just yet, or if you have landed a short-term work contract which requires you to travel extensively or get to locations that are not reachable by public transport.

You can even benefit from reduces rental rates with long-term car hire for a family holiday, especially if you are enjoying a staycation and will benefit from having the car before you set off.

What’s included?
Tax and insurance are included as standard. All long-term bookings with Hertz also include a free additional driver, so you and your partner can share the wheel. For bookings over several months you will enjoy a monthly valet service to keep the car in like-new condition. Plus, all bookings include 24-hour breakdown cover, so you will never be caught short no matter where you are in the world.


Hertz car hire for business use

As part of its long-term car hire offering, Hertz provide car hire for business use. This is ideal for organisations with several employees that require executive vehicles for work use. As an employer you can enjoy modern vehicles and an exceptional service – including monthly valet – without having to organise contracts for each of your employees separately.

Cleanliness and comfort guaranteed
When you hire a car, you want the peace of mind that you are getting a clean, comfortable vehicle that you can enjoy. Rest assured that with Hertz you get that and more. Hertz is regarded for its industry-leading valet service which they perform between every hire. For long-term car rentals they will even send someone out to your location to valet your Hertz rental car at no extra charge.


Book your Hertz car hire

Discover the full range of vehicles available via our booking tool, compare prices and select your vehicle. Then all you need to do is set your pick-up and drop-off location and the duration of hire, confirm your details, and sign the contract. Many vehicles are even available for same-day pick-up.

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UK Driving Guide


Which side of the road do you drive on in the UK?

You will be driving a right hand drive car and on the left hand side of the road. Remember to keep left and pass right.


UK driving laws

Mobile phones may solely be used with a hands-free device. If you are caught using a mobile phone whilst driving you will be fined.

When driving into the coty of London you will be liable for a congestion charge.

Pedestrians have right of way. If you see a zebra crossing be sure to give way.


Speed Limits

The UK uses MPH (miles per hour) as a measure of speed. Urban area speed limits vary from 20mph to 40mph. Rural areas go to 60mph and the motorways allow you to travel up to 70mph.


Seatbelt laws

The driver and all passengers must wear seatbelts at all times while in the vehicle.

Children younger than 12 years of age or less than 135cm in height must be seated in a car seat or booster seat that is age appropriate.


Please note: this is a guideline for customers. We do our best to keep the information as current as possible, but this is solely for your own risk. We advise that you check the rules of the country you are in and make yourself aware of them before driving.